Target Industries

To determine the targets that would best fit, local and regional economic and demographic trends, industry patterns, employment location quotients, and industry structure in Ashe and the region were analyzed. While the area was evaluated, target sectors specific to Ashe County and the unique opportunities within the county were chosen. Ashe's rich history and culture were essential in selecting the most feasible and desirable sectors.

The following were selected as target industries based on research, analysis, and alignment with Ashe County's assets.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing, which includes machinery, electrical equipment, vehicle components, and transportation equipment, among other sectors, presents the opportunity to guide the growth of an already solid manufacturing base within Ashe and the surrounding area.

Outdoor Sports and Recreation Equipment

Outdoor Sports and Recreation Equipment capitalizes on the heart and beauty of Ashe County. The region is attractive for companies that supply gear for cyclists, hikers, kayakers, campers, and general nature enthusiasts drawn to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Creative Industries, Such as Agriculture Technology (Agtech) and Woodworking

The Creative Industries build upon the county's artistic community and existing assets. This sector could include companies that utilize the High Country Commercial Kitchen, build intricate wood furniture, support the Christmas tree industry, or venture into developing Agtech software or hardware.